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By Joe Russo

#MadeInPBC | David Hartmann, Founder @ The SilverLogic

 #MadeInPBC Spotlights are a weekly series of the Palm Beach Tech Association, featuring accomplished entrepreneurs in the Palm Beaches.

This week we feature David Hartmann, Florida Atlantic University grad and the Founder of The SilverLogic, a Boca Raton based software company that designs and builds applications, websites and marketing campaigns

What does your business do?

We like to say that we make ideas happen. What we mean with that is that we work with our clients to develop technology to help solve their problems.

Who are your clients?

We work with anyone from a Startup to an Enterprise.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship runs in my family. My father runs a company in Germany and my mother runs one here in the States as well as in Germany. When I was in college, I was doing a lot of freelance

What’s your favorite part about what you do?

Is there a better job than making peoples ideas a reality? We get to work with our clients to help them take something from an “I wish I could…” or “I really want to…” and turn it into something in the real world. There is no better feeling than that.

What are three fun facts about yourself?

I grew up in Germany I have a blind, toothless cat you can pictures of on my instagram. I really enjoy escape rooms.

Why the Palm Beaches?

In all honesty? The climate. Both climates– I love the weather, I’m not a big fan of winter. But the business climate here is really beneficial as well.

How has Palm Beach Tech helped you?

The team at Palm Beach tech has been a great help in building the tech community here in the Palm Beaches. They’ve been a great advocate for us, and we are really looking forward to expanding the work that we do with them in the future.

By Stephanie Buzano

The SilverLogic Wins 2017 eMerge Americas Hackathon – Visa Category

The SilverLogic, a Boca Raton software engineering company won first place at the 2017 eMerge Americas Visa Developer Hackathon. This is the 3rd year the team wins big at the annual tech conference.

TSL developed an augmented reality app within 24 hours. The Real Deal app was created to enhance and augment the consumer shopping experience, the application finds exclusive deals around you powered by the Visa Offers Resource Center. Users simply scan a storefront or nearby location with their iPhones, once the Real Deal app recognizes your location it will display animated pop ups showing customers deals available at that location. The Real Deal App can also be used from home with Amazon’s Alexa, shoppers can ask Alexa to tell them deals from the merchants around their location.

See exactly how it works—-> Watch

According to David Hartmann, a member of the winning team “the Hackathon gave them an opportunity to try some awesome new technologies like ARKit, Google Vision API, Amazon Alexa, facial recognition, and machine learning”. The Real Deal app is a completely functional native iOS/Alexa/Django app featuring the brand, new Apple ARKit, Visa Merchant Offers Resource Center, Visa Merchant Locator, Google Vision, and Amazon Alexa.

Real Deal code is open source and available on Github (feel free to fork):

iOS code:
Django code:
Alexa code:

About The SilverLogic

The SilverLogic makes ideas happen, whether they require sophisticated apps, websites, business automation, artificial intelligence, or platforms. Collaborating closely with clients, they strive to exceed expectations and are dedicated to delivering the best possible products to their clients and their users. The SilverLogic is excited to be on the forefront of the augmented reality (AR) and machine learning revolution.

#MadeInPBC | David Hartmann, Founder @ The SilverLogic
The SilverLogic Wins 2017 eMerge Americas Hackathon – Visa Category