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By Vanessa Calas

Alta Planning: A Coworking Space Success Story

Here in Downtown West Palm Beach we have a vibrant community of entrepreneurs looking to make their mark not only on Palm Beach County, but on the world at large. Coworking communities like ours support the growth of start ups through collaboration and continuing education, and provide resources to budding satellite offices for more established organizations.

Alta Planning + Design, a design firm based out of Portland, Oregon, learned this when they were looking to get their Florida office off the ground. With the help of Palm Beach Tech Space, they established a firm presence in the West Palm Beach area.

Here’s their story, and how Palm Beach Tech has helped.

Who is Alta Planning

Alta Planning believes in making urban spaces more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. Their transportation planning and design efforts have spanned dozens of US cities, with over 30 offices and 200 employees. They work toward what they call “complete streets,” by creating spaces for pedestrians and bikers in existing streets, and on more elaborate walking and biking projects. At the end of the day, their primary goal is to turn bustling cities into safer and more accessible cultural hubs.

In the Palm Beach Tech Space, let’s meet Brad Davis and Brian Ruscher. Brad had opened Alta’s Atlanta office several years ago before moving back to the Palm Beaches, where he grew up. He and Brian, a recruit out of Florida State University, set to work starting up Alta’s office in West Palm Beach. Things moved quickly as they soon won a contract with the City of West Palm Beach, planning strategies for improving mobility and quality of life downtown.

They had their hearts set on West Palm Beach, a downtown that with its SkyBike program and the upcoming Brightline train, exemplified the morals and mission of Alta Planning.

Enter Palm Beach Tech

Thanks to Palm Beach Tech, Brad and Brian were able to get office space quickly. The Space gave them the flexibility and affordability they needed to hit the ground running. The Space is conveniently located downtown, so Brad and Brian can get around the city and take advantage of community support, amenities, and activities.

Palm Beach Tech provides the Alta team with varied opportunities to connect with other businesses in the area. They have networked with others involved with the larger West Palm Beach community, which has provided them with insight into the interests and needs of the people they were working to serve. The exposure to other businesses and individuals through Palm Beach Tech has been an effective way to keep their finger on the proverbial pulse of West Palm Beach.


 Consider Coworking

Whether you’re a brand-new startup or a remote office, a coworking space will give you the tools and flexibility you need to get started. The convenient location and networking opportunities of Palm Beach Tech make it an ideal spot for anyone looking to get involved and get their business off the ground.

By Joe Russo

Creativity Juice by AR Design, Now at SPACE!

Our awesome friends at AR Design recently stopped by bearing gifts!

They refurbished a Keggerator to get the creative juices at Palm Beach Tech Space flowing. 





AR Design is a full service creative agency specializing in delivering top notch results and customer service that is exceptional. Their designers love what they do and their programmers love making their designers happy. It is a match made in heaven.

Adam Ross, Ryan Buynak, and Ran Kassovitz make up this electric creativity clan.



They’re Community 1st! Adam and his team spend countless hours bringing people together and building our community.

Collectively, they help organize the creative community through the new CreativeMornings Palm Beach chapter and the monthly Blood, Sweat, & Beers. They’re also the force behind “Create Day,” the annual free workshop for designers to reconnect with your creative side and make things with your hands.

Learn More

By Vanessa Calas

Why Cowork? Pros & Cons of Workspaces

This post created by Palm Beach Content Co.

Have you noticed a cowork space in your neighborhood?

In the past decade, coworking spaces have sprung up all around the world. Starting in big cities and expanding to smaller communities, cowork spaces are an office for work-at-home professionals, freelancers, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs. They have grown in popularity as the internet has made it easier for people to be self-employed or remote workers, becoming a space for work, collaboration, and community.

The benefits of working at a cowork space

Working at a cowork space is great for many reasons. Aside from the fact that open floor plans and shared space allow people to meet others and collaborate easily, cowork spaces offer perks for their members. Perks can range from free parking, like at The LAB Miami, to free beer, like at the Palm Beach Tech Space. Generally, cowork spaces offer coffee, secure wifi, printing, desks, and accessible meeting space.

Most importantly, you’ll be apart of a community of people just like you! Aside from the networking benefits, coworking allows individuals and small businesses a synergetic environment that fares better than an office, a home, or even a coffee shop.

Versus working at an office

Whether you’re looking to set up an office yourself or go the turnkey route, you might consider a cowork space first. Not only is a cowork space just as comfortable and turnkey as any office, but it’s much more cost-effective and accessible. If you have a team, you’ll find that a cowork space is a friendlier environment, where collaboration and networking flow much more openly than at a traditional office environment.

In the era after Office Space, after all, do you really want  to grow your business and team in an area of cubicles, staplers, and expense reports?

Versus working at home

For a budding entrepreneur, working at home is the easiest route. You save money on everything, and you’re in a comfortable environment. You can work in your pajamas, go to the fridge every half hour, and nap in your bed when you need a refresher … And you end up being completely unproductive, more than anywhere else.

Though cowork spaces aren’t free, they’re definitely affordable. Add into that the connections you’ll make, the trouble you’ll save setting up a PO box and a printer, and the comfort of a desk and meeting areas, and you’ll see that coworking is a great option.

Working at a coffee shop

Coffee shops like Subculture Coffee have become the impromptu cowork space. Visit any local coffee shop with free wifi, and you’ll see people working on laptops, drinking coffee, and conducting meetings. Because they’re laid back places with an abundant amount of coffee, they can be a great place to get some work done.

However, they’re an impractical place to grow a business since they have limited space, limited wifi, and no office resources nor mailing address.

Choose the best for your business

At the end of the day, cowork spaces, offices, home offices, and coffee shops have their own unique advantages. Consider your business, your team, and your capability when deciding where to set up shop.

About Palm Beach Tech Space

The Palm Beach Tech Space was established in 2016, and it has become a staple of West Palm’s tech community. With custom tables, comfy couches, and private offices for monthly rent, the Space is great for individuals and small teams looking for an office in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach. They even host regular events to foster community growth, while providing free printing, coffee, and beer.

Membership starts at $50 per month, but you can view full pricing here. If you’d like a tour of Palm Beach Tech, come by! The team would love to meet you.

But even if you’re in Lake Worth (The Social House), Delray Beach (The KTCHN), or Boca Raton (Flamingo House), there are plenty of coworking options close to you!

By Joe Russo

Palm Beach Tech Association Awarded $150,000

Palm Beach Tech Association Awarded $150,000

Knight Foundation, West Palm Beach funding new downtown workspace


West Palm Beach, Fla. – The Palm Beach Tech Association has been awarded $150,000 to open a collaborative workspace for emerging entrepreneurs and early stage startups at 313 Datura Street in Downtown West Palm Beach.

“This innovative project is a great example of how the City of West Palm Beach is not only open FOR business, but it is open TO business as well.  Our entrepreneur class is quickly becoming a cornerstone of our growing business economy,” said Mayor Jeri Muoio.

The PalmBeach Tech Space is currently operating in its soft opening with options for part time, full time, and 24/7 access. There will also be dedicated desks, private offices and perks like discounts at local businesses and free in-house Subculture Coffee. They expect to be fully operational by October 3rd.

“This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs,” said Clay Williams, CEO of Achieve and Palm Beach Tech Board Member. “The workspace offers everything a start-up needs, and this collaborative environment will ultimately result in greater and more innovative ideas.”

Led by a $100,000 matching grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the City of West Palm Beach CRA ($25,000) and several private companies including Achieve ($25,000) have also stepped up to support the non-profit initiative.

“Creating public spaces that connect the community and add to neighborhood life is essential to building more successful cities. The workspace will help to do just that by supporting local talent and encouraging more collaboration between idea makers of all kinds,” said Lilly Weinberg, Knight Foundation director for community foundations.

They’ve also partnered with Palm Beach Atlantic University, the Palm Beach Code School, and FAU Tech Runway to offer students free access to the facility and its programming.

The Palm Beach Tech Association will host its next Meetup on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at Palm Beach Tech Space. For more information and to join, visit


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The Palm Beach Tech Association is a non-profit membership association established in July, 2015 uniting and building the technology industry throughout Palm Beach County. Members include MyTaskit, Levatas, Florida Power & Light, Achieve, and Arrow Consulting & Design. For more,

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Alta Planning: A Coworking Space Success Story
Creativity Juice by AR Design, Now at SPACE!
Why Cowork? Pros & Cons of Workspaces
Palm Beach Tech Association Awarded $150,000