Palm Beach Tech AssociationPalm Beach Tech Association

MadeInPBC is a commitment by local business leaders to Employ Local Talent, Build Local Startups, and Hire Local Companies in the Palm Beaches.

Through this pledge, we ask Founders, CEO’s, and Leaders companies invest (either their time, money, or resources) in our 21st century economy. With six simple steps, we ask every company to be apart of Building the Palm Beaches into a Tech Hub!

1. Add the #MadeInPBC Logo to your company’s Website Footer

2. Evaluate 1 startup’s product or service within 3 months

3. Hire 1 paid design or development intern within 6 months

4. Join the Advisory Board of a local startup within 12 months

5. Hire a local tech, design, or startup firm within 12 months

6. Commit one hour every month to mentor local entrepreneurs

MadeINPBC Founders

Founders who have built their companies here in the Palm Beaches!

Shay Berman

President, Digital Resource

John Studdard

COO, Achieve Agency

Adam Steinhoff

CEO, Dedicated IT

David Hartman

CEO, The SilverLogic

Cam Collins

President, Dockmaster Software

Kevin Hutchinson

Founder & CEO, MyTaskit

MadeInPBC Companies

Companies building the future here in the Palm Beaches!

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