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By Stephanie Buzano

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ScriptSender is an innovative solution for transferring electronic documents from one physician or medical office to another, without the expense or hassle of site-to-site VPNs or HL7 ordering.

With no downloads or installs—just a simple activation of a native printer driver—ScriptSender make secure clinical communication as straightforward as a single click. Its easy-to-use interface enables faster, more effective collaboration, without technology bottlenecks, to keep the focus on patient care.

Position Overview

The Senior Software Developer will solve challenges, customize existing code, and write various utilities and scripts—all as part of an extremely versatile team, able to work with the full stack. The team often has aggressive goals and deadlines, so any new member will need to work well under pressure. Tasks and projects will be assigned regularly, and details and expectations will be communicated appropriately.

In addition to possessing as many of the coding skills below as possible, the Senior Software Developer will be able to work quickly with minimal mistakes. All code must be well-documented, and creativity is welcomed. The ideal candidate is a self-motivated, detail-oriented natural problem solver.

Job Responsibilities:

Current ScriptSender modules address challenges with inbound documents to a healthcare provider, report distribution, radiology study viewing and sharing, procedure ordering and scheduling, workflows, and efficiency. The application is a full healthcare software suite built as standalone modules, which become a powerful toolset when used together. As a developer, you will help customize and support the current software, as well as grow the suite by building new tools and utilities as requested.

Skills Required: 

  • Laravel—Eloquent, facades, authentication, migrations, emailing, console commands, crons, exceptions, blades, Elixir or Mix, etc.
  • PHP—Object Oriented concepts, traits, composer, auto-loading, etc.
  • Linux command-line—Knowledge of file system, permissions, basic networking, software installation and configuration, logging, cronjobs, vi editor fundamentals, etc.
  • Perl—CPAN, Object Oriented programming, DB handling, comfortable with complex data-structures such as hash of hash of array etc., regular expressions, file handling, error and exception handling, logging, etc.
  • JavaScript & jQuery—Solid understanding of basic JavaScript frameworks (Angular / Ember / Vue / Backbone etc.)
  • MySQL—Basic queries, table relations and foreign keys, etc.
  • Knowledge of development processes and workflow such as bug management, unit testing, values, including well-documented code while following standard coding guidelines.
  • Git—Basics and workflow (pull / push / commit / branching / merge requests, etc.)
  • HL7—Practical understanding of the HL7 standard, interfacing, etc.

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Senior Software Developer – Linux, Perl, PHP, JS