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Mentor Day

Mentor Day is a monthly mentor program helping entrepreneurs launch and grow their startups in the Palm Beaches.

Learn from local mentors who’ve built successful companies in the Palm Beaches, getting advice on Business Plans, Team Building, Raising Capital, and more!

Mentor Days take place monthly on 1st Friday’s @ Palm Beach Tech Space!

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Meet Our Mentors

Gabriel Goldstein
CEO, Anidea Engineering
Product Prototyping | Business Planning | Growth strategy
Clay Williams
CEO, Achieve Agency
Non Profit | Business Planning | Leadership | Product Prototyping
Robert Wells
CEO, Allocable
Growth Strategy | Leadership | Business Planning
Gaida Zirkelbach
COO, RunBrook
Legal | Raising Capital
Jeremy (Jermbo) Lawson
Founder, Cosmic Strawberry
Web Development
Tony Tropeano
Founder, Accountant In A Box
Finance | Accounting
Brian Dapelo
Entrepreneurship Professor, PBA
Leadership | Business Development | Growth Strategy
John Eagan
Associate Attorney, Malloy & Malloy
Legal | Patent, Trademark, & Copyright Law
Aaron Nosbisch
Chief Marketing Officer | MONQ
Growth Strategy | Business Planning | Project Management
Zachariah Merschdorf
Accountant, Rinehimerbaker
Finance | Accounting
Matt Kissner
Attorney, Broad & Cassel
Roy Zachariah
Attorney, Akerman
Legal | Software Development
John Montague
Attorney, Locke Lord LLP
Legal | Raising Capital
Adam Ross
CEO, AR Design
Branding | Digital Marketing
Ryan Boylston
CEO, Woo Creative
Branding | Business Development
Will Lopez
CEO, AdvisorFi
Business Planning | Finance