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    SMArtXChange is a unified managed accounts platform built for financial advisors. The platform provides advisors access to traditional and alternative investment strategies using model portfolios that are executed through a Unified Managed Account (UMA), and allocated to each client’s Separately Managed Account (SMA). This gives investors access to multiple investment strategies with the benefits of a UMA/SMA structure.

    SMArtXChange is the first UMA platform that allows actively traded strategies and long/short portfolios in a UMA. SMArtXChange’s proprietary trading system utilizes portfolio sync technology to maintain a scaled replica of the holdings in the investment manager’s portfolio.

    Our technology maintains a record of the investment manager’s trades and positions. The investment manager’s holdings are updated in real-time as the investment manager trades. Data is either provided directly from the investment manager or through the investment manager’s broker/dealer or execution platform. Once the portfolio has been updated, SMArtXChange will create trades for the client’s UMA that will sync the client portfolio to the investment manager’s portfolio.

    The SMArtXChange platform is a highly efficient approach to achieving scalability and wide reaching distribution. Through the exclusive access to SS&C Advent clients, managers are able to offer their strategy to an investor base through a simple, cost-effective model portfolio structure. As model portfolios require little-to-no additional marketing, client servicing, fund structuring, or operational burden, the SMArtXChange platform provides core turnkey distribution system that takes advantage of modern technology to deliver clients investment strategies in UMA/SMA structure.

    For “traditional” long only firms, model portfolios are a well-established method of strategy distribution, without the regulatory burden and associated cost of creating a mutual fund. For “alternative” hedge fund firms, it is a relatively new idea, only facilitated by the groundbreaking SMArtXChange integration and technology that enables a hedge fund to be offered by a third party in a real-time trading portfolio.

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