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    Orion Innovations

    Orion is an innovation house located in Delray Beach, Florida. They specialize in:

    • Software – their team can provide software solutions in all of the latest cloud, web, & mobile technologies.
    • Blockchain & Smart Contracts – they extremely experienced with blockchain projects, smart contracts, Solidity, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric SawTooth, and Indy, Corda, Dash (forks) and more.
    • IoT Technology – they’ve paired IOT devices with Point of Sale and inventory management systems for retailers, integrating RFID, NFC, shelf sensors, and facial recognition cameras to enhance the retail experience.
    • AI & Machine Learning – their expertise includes AI based solutions for the commodities exchange and cryptocurrency markets.
    • Computer Vision – they have implemented CV technologies in the unmanned vehicle, security, and search and rescue industries and have paired CV technologies with AI to successfully track and identify objects, colors, and more.
    • Consultancy – Orion provides technical consultancy to corporate and government agencies. We can be found in the SAM system under a number of NAICS codes.
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