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    Bridge Connector

    Bridge Connector is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that delivers streamlined integration solutions for healthcare organizations. Founded on the idea that any healthcare organization should be able to automatically transfer data between disparate systems, we offer a seamless solution, regardless of the platform and without the need for an IT team.

    Bridge Connector offers a cost-effective solution to an expensive problem. Our platform is pre-built and ready to help organizations streamline their data flows, allowing them to focus on the treatment of their patients, rather than management of their data. We have low monthly service fees, which includes the initial integration buildout, maintenance, technical support and new user training documents. This allows our customers to outsource their risk as we guarantee up-time and handle system updates as connected systems evolve.

    • Automated chart creation means organizations save time from having to manually re-enter data.
    • Streamline the admissions process, and get patients the help they need faster.
    • Frees up employees for other work, and allows them to assist patients more.
    • Pre-built solution means no expensive, time-consuming integration process.



    Change the way healthcare communicates. And have a great time doing it.

    Changing an industry is hard work, and it takes special people to do it. Together, the Bridge Connector team problem solves, laughs, high-fives, and builds some of the most cutting edge technology in healthcare.


    • Unlimited PTO to keep you rested
    • Paternity/Maternity leave
    • Company events you actually like going to
    • Professional development program
    • Volunteer days in our communities
    • Probably the best snack program, ever
    • Paid medical insurance
    • Relocation assistance for many positions

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