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    ShipMonk is evolving eCommerce by providing the most personal, above-and-beyond fulfillment and inventory management solutions for the global economy. Our multichannel order fulfillment services enable startups and SMBs to focus on building their brand and achieving next-level growth. Or, as we like to say: Stress Less, Grow More.

    How we became ShipMonk

    It all started when our founder, Jan, moved from the Czech Republic to the U.S. to finish school and chase the American dream that he always pictured as a kid. Shortly after moving to the States, Jan became everybody’s new best friend back home. Why? Because all of the sudden, Jan had access to American brands and products that they couldn’t buy because U.S. merchants either refused to ship to the Czech Republic or the Czech payment method wasn’t accepted.

    It didn’t take long for Jan’s entrepreneurial instinct to kick in and turn his “Hey, can you send me this?” Facebook messages into a sustainable business. In fact, the business took off like a rocket, not only lining Jan’s college student pockets with a little extra beer money, but laying the foundation for an incredible network of contacts, expertise, and knowledge in the international shipping and logistics industry.

    After winning 1st place in both the FAU Business Plan Competition (2014) and the Florida Venture Forum Collegiate Competition (2014), Jan propelled his business even further by being one of the first five companies to go through the “Tech Runway” accelerator program. Today, BedaBox continues to thrive and befriend customers across 200+ countries worldwide.

    You’re probably wondering, “So during all of that, when exactly did order fulfillment and logistics come into play?” We’re glad you asked because that’s another good story.

    The short of, it is that, along his entrepreneurial journey, Jan, identified an opportunity within the industry to work with CPG companies nationwide and optimize their multi-channel online presence. By managing their eCommerce fulfillment and shipping processes, Jan was able to save them over 80% on their overhead and eliminate their operational challenges altogether.

    And that is how ShipMonk was born!

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