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    About the Founder of UBQFIT

    Ellie grew up living all over the world, from the Middle East to Asia and Canada. Throughout it all, her family mantra stayed consistent: succeeding professionally meant being happy with your life.

    She studied economics in Canada, worked in real estate, consulted at Deloitte, earned her MBA from Columbia Business School and wound up in Investment Banking and Trading at Morgan Stanley on Wall Street. But while her career flourished during those years, she didn’t feel personally fulfilled. She had compromised her core values—family, friends, community and most importantly her health and fitness—while work engulfed her life.

    After more than a decade of that lifestyle, she changed tracks and began pursuing a healthier, happier life and raising a family. One marriage and two kids later, she realized once again just how hard it was to commit to being fit and healthy: it’s always a battle to self-motivate and commit the necessary time to the things that really matter. Ellie sought out a solution for over a year, and that was UBQFIT.

    UBQFIT is a barrier-smashing community of like-minded people interested in enhancing their health and fitness while supporting others to do the same. It’s a social club, a personal motivator and a virtual gym all wrapped into one. UBQFIT’s mission is to be an expansive, welcoming, tight-knit community that provides the necessary tools to make health and fitness fun and engaging. It incorporates your activity data, provides one-on-one coaching and support AND a platform for others to cheer you on in real-time. For trainers, UBQFIT creates new opportunities to find clients and fill in gaps in their schedules, transcending the confines of physical gyms and geographical limitations.

    UBQFIT is fun and engaging for people of all strengths, budgets and experience. This is fitness without walls—your own personal gym, that includes your community and your fitness data any time of day, anywhere that’s convenient for you!

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