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By Stephanie Buzano

Creativity Juice by AR Design, Now at SPACE!

Our awesome friends at AR Design recently stopped by bearing gifts!

They refurbished a Keggerator to get the creative juices at Palm Beach Tech Space flowing. 





AR Design is a full service creative agency specializing in delivering top notch results and customer service that is exceptional. Their designers love what they do and their programmers love making their designers happy. It is a match made in heaven.

Adam Ross, Ryan Buynak, and Ran Kassovitz make up this electric creativity clan.



They’re Community 1st! Adam and his team spend countless hours bringing people together and building our community.

Collectively, they help organize the creative community through the new CreativeMornings Palm Beach chapter and the monthly Blood, Sweat, & Beers. They’re also the force behind “Create Day,” the annual free workshop for designers to reconnect with your creative side and make things with your hands.

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By Stephanie Buzano

Why you should apply for a Scholarship to MCON

“Change doesn’t just happen – it’s made. By people like you.”


 What is MCON?

We believe every person inherently wants to do good in the world.  Some of us just need a little inspiration to take that first step. That’s why MCON exists.

We gather leaders, activists and social entrepreneurs from all over the country to better understand today’s social movements and how to turn interest into action.

We also explore the unprecedented enthusiasm for making the world a better place and how anyone, no matter where you work or live, can spark a movement and create change.


 Main topics:


Who should attend? 

  • Work for or lead a cause-driven organization
  • Represent a company that wants to increase its social impact
  • Are an activist working to raise awareness about your cause
  • Are a social entrepreneur with an innovative idea to create change
  • Are a member of the creative community who wants to use your talent to do good
  • Want to get involved in a cause, but don’t know how

 Why should you attend MCON this year?

You’ll be front and center in more than 20 inspiring sessions, you’ll have access to the swanky MCON Lounge, and you’ll receive a Newseum ticket for future use.

Does your tight budget prevent you from attending a conference like MCON and take action for the causes you care about?

Thanks to some really great partners, we have a limited number of MCON scholarships that cover the full cost of registration – and if that’s not reason enough to apply, we don’t know what is.

By Stephanie Buzano

Apply to Tech.Co’s Startup of the Year Competition!


Attention startups! Tech.Co is accepting application for their 5th annual Startup of the Year Competition. This annual event attracts tech leaders, influencers and investors to early-stage startup companies.  Deadline is May 31st, 2017! Apply now!


What is Tech.Co’s Startup of the Year Program?

Each year, thousands of startups vie for a chance to compete at the annual Startup of the Year competition hosted at the Innovate! and Celebrate conference. Produced in partnership with Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the producers of CES, the 3-day event will happen in San Francisco in October 2017. Startups selected to participate will have the opportunity to win the title of Startup of the Year, as well as prizes, potential investment, and more.


What makes this competition different?

Tech.Co’s Startup of the Year program encourages women and minority founders to apply and connects them to a vast network of resources looking to help such entrepreneurs thrive. We strive to have startups from all 50 states represented at our competition as well, and recognize local ecosystems that the mainstream media often overlooks.  

Application Deadline: May 31, 2017-  CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW!


What types of startups are eligible to participate in the competition?

Tech.Co seeks the most innovative early-stage companies out there from a variety of verticals.

Startup Qualifications:

  • Startups must have less than $4 MM USD in funding
  • Startups must be less than 4 years old
  • Startups must have a live, operating product or service
  • Startups must be INNOVATIVE!
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Creativity Juice by AR Design, Now at SPACE!
Why you should apply for a Scholarship to MCON
Apply to Tech.Co’s Startup of the Year Competition!