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By Nate Hendriksen

2017 Tech Garage Summer Camps


Every year, Tech Garage does a great job of keeping a unifying theme for the four weeks of camp, while continuing to challenge and motivate those who have attended camp for multiple years. The program is centered around a challenge or project-based learning where we provide guidance when needed.

The year-round TechGarage program will begin to focus members toward real world problems where they can utilize their technology skills developed from competitive robotics. We will see what the campers can do and have some fun with the challenges starting in camp. This is a great way to start the process of getting students engaged in thinking about real-world problems at a young age.

Participants will form teams that to compete for cash prizes (X-prize) on the last day of the four-week camp. This is an optional program for those who want to step up to the challenge.  The team that best solves that problem based on the specifications will be awarded a cash prize of $1,000. In addition to the cash prize, a number of other prizes will be available such as:

  • A machine capable of automatically sorting 10 different types of Legos with 90% accuracy given a specific time limit.
  • A robotic lawnmower that can automatically cut a region of grass at FAU Henderson school.
  • A machine capable of sorting 6-32 bolts of varying lengths.
  • A custom designed drone with increased lift capacity and modular payload area using the core electronics from a Bebop 2 drone.

These will be difficult challenges and we will be pleasantly surprised if teams are able to meet the specifications and be eligible for the cash prize. At most, only one cash prize will be awarded per X-prize challenge and the challenges will be open until solved.


We will also offer a Shark Tank style competition on the last day of camp. Campers will have the opportunity to present a business idea and working prototype to a distinguished panel of judges. Cash prizes will be awarded if the judges feel the business idea has merit and the working prototype demonstrates the potential of the product. We have numerous mentoring programs in Boca for young entrepreneurs and this will be a great introduction to what it takes to start a business.


$350/week or $1200 for all 4 weeks (9am-5pm)

Beginning camp is designed for those who are just getting started and have a passion for technology. We have four structured programs where campers will be in one class in the morning and a different class in the afternoon. If a camper attends two weeks they will be able to complete all four programs. For campers who sign up for all four weeks we will work with them based on ability in advance camp or interest in other programs. We have no shortage of fun and engaging programs.

  • Programming – Code Combat is a fun way to learn programming in Python or Javascript by playing a videogame, We are bringing back an old favorite with RoboCode to teach Java programming through a Tank game where campers compete against each other.
  • Electronics – Arduino microprocessor and breadboarding of electronics, LittleBits a fun build system that allows building of custom circuits and devices.
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) – Campers will use OnShape to CAD parts that can be laser cut or 3D printed. Will be focused on making something that can be taken home.
  • Building – We have a couple options based on interest. Campers will be able to do First Robotics League robot, SeaPerch, Model building, DIY STEAM kits.


$350/week or $1200 for all 4 weeks (9am-5pm)

  • COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN: This is probably our most popular program every year where campers will learn and use CAD( to laser cut and 3D print parts. We will also introduce Vacuum Forming which allows casting of parts with different materials. For those planning to do Shark Tank this will help understand the challenges of mass producing parts for a product. For those interested in the Lego sorter, Robot lawnmower, Drone build or Bolt sorter these will all require custom manufacturing of parts.
  • VIRTUAL REALITY GAME DESIGN: We fully anticipate this will be a very popular program and priority will be given to campers who sign up for all four weeks of camp. We will be using the Unity game engine to develop VR applications for HTC Vive, Oculus and possibly Microsoft HoloLens. A prerequisite for this program is the ability to CAD a 3D part which can then be imported into Unity which does a great job of minimizing complicated programming to do basic VR applications.
  • ELECTRONICS: Raspberry PI and Arduino have redefined what is possible for low cost but powerful embedded systems. Campers will work through the core concepts of using Raspberry PI and Python to control external circuits and work with a range of add on boards(HATS) that allow for external input/output/control. This will provide a foundation for the skills needed to work on the X-prizes or SharkTank competition.
  • PROGRAMMING: RoboCode is a great way to learn the fundamentals of Java programming where you program a Tank using a provided API that competes against other pre-programmed tanks and tanks from other campers.  Can’t emphasize enough the importance of learning the fundamentals of programming using Java. Taking this class will be a prerequisite for the Virtual Reality Game Design program if you are new to TechGarage.


We will be open for drop off at 8:30 and pickup by 5:30. Campers will need to bring a snack and lunch each day. We will prioritize spots in camp based on TechGarage membership, participation in all four weeks and early registration. We will do everything we can to accommodate your selection. If we are unable to find a suitable fit and unable resolve the conflict we will provide a refund. Please review the following prior to registering for camp. If you have any questions please email

By Nate Hendriksen

FIJI Water Founder David Gilmour @ Palm Beach Dramaworks


Join Palm Beach Dramaworks for a fascinating evening with one of the world’s most prolific entrepreneurs! David Gilmour, founder of FIJI Water, will be LIVE at Palm Beach Dramaworks to speak about his new book, START UP , and discuss amazing stories from an incredible lifetime entrepreneurial ventures.

Visit the links below for more information on David Gilmour’s work:

WSJ VIDEO INTERVIEW: An Entrepreneur’s Three Secrets to Success

FORBES: Fiji Water’s David Gilmour Takes Aim At New Start Up

PALM BEACH DAILY NEWSFiji Water founder: Passion, creative thinking keys business

Sponsored by:

By Ryan Morgan

Arrow Digital: Let Us Reintroduce Ourselves

— Digital experiences through custom software –

that’s always been our passion, now it’s in our name.

To turn vision into technological reality – that was our goal when we first opened our doors in 2005. And while the devices we use, the websites we visit and the ways we work have changed, that core mission remains the same.

Our family looks a bit different as well. What started as a couple of developers with an idea is now the foremost team in custom software, web and UX development. Our leadership includes 4 .NET MVPs, 5 published authors, 13 Sitecore marketers and 15 Sitecore developers. It’s this group and our 120+ strong workforce, paired with our relentless pursuit to provide best-in-class custom software solutions that got us to where we are today.

Our New Name: Arrow Digital

The ways we interact and employ technology have changed drastically in a relatively short amount of time. People, process and technology are no longer separate entities, but parts of the same whole coming together to create truly interactive experiences.

All of our work takes place in this ever-evolving digital landscape – and we want our name to reflect that. It’s been a pleasure for us to be a part of this technological evolution, and we’re excited to start the next chapter of our company with a new name: Arrow Digital.

The Same Passion for Innovation

While our name has changed, and the website may look a little different (we’ve taken a page out of our own UX playbook), what’s made us the company we are today remains the same: a relentless passion to deliver effective, client-centric, custom software solutions.

We’re excited to dive into the coming year, investing further in our staff and exploring the ways we can make our clients more competitive through .NET and Sitecore.

The Same Exceptional Faces

The creativity and knowledge our people bring to the table every day is what makes us who we are – a leading-edge, custom software, web and UX firm. We want to make our team’s voices heard. Our revamped “Insights” page will feature their analysis, ideas and advice on what it takes to compete in a technology-centric business environment.

We could go on, but we’ll let you hear more about our continued evolution from our team:

“‘Digital’ encompasses more than just software, web design or really any single silo of technology. It’s about all of these components coming together to create a digital experience. I’m thrilled that our name now matches our constant pursuit of bringing our customers those experiences.” – Shaun Walker, Partner and Innovation Lead.

“Today’s business environment necessitates constant evolution. We feel the shift to Arrow Digital puts us in position to grow as a leader and trusted partner for our current and prospective clients.” Mark Landry, CEO.

We can’t wait to see what lies ahead. If you have a software vision you want to see come to life, start a project with us today!

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2017 Tech Garage Summer Camps
FIJI Water Founder David Gilmour @ Palm Beach Dramaworks
Arrow Digital: Let Us Reintroduce Ourselves