Palm Beach Tech AssociationPalm Beach Tech Association


Mission: Locate and establish resources for startups in the Palm Beaches.
Goal: We want to become the resource hub for startups in the Palm Beaches.


Daniel Lofaso

President, The Digital Elevator

Vice Chair

Jeremy Lawson

CEO, Cosmic Strawberry


Ashley Taylor

Creative Strategist , Quill & Co.

Council Members

Adam Ross

Founder, AR Design

Alex Golding

Founder, HelpedHope

Amber Tollefson

Docu + Brand Creative

Bryan Conklin

Co-founder & COO, VoxelRx

Eric Bucher

Founder, Call Sprout

Edgar Garcia

Founder, Vivid Arts

Gaida Zirkelbach

COO, RunBrook

Jared Stark

Founder, Stark Business Law

Jason Thomas

Strategist, Thoughtly

John Calloway

President, Halo Technologies

John Montague

Attorney, Locke Lord

Kevin Cox

Professor, FAU Adams Center

Mike Gonzalez

CEO, Perfect

Paul Vedder

Managing Director, VX IT

Robert Wells

CEO, Allocable

Vanessa Calas

Content Scientist, Palm Beach Content Co.

Will Lopez

Founder & CEO, AdvisorFi

Yulia Konovnitsyna

Founder, Straight Fwd Co.

Council Initiatives