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Our Story

Learn more about us and the history of technology here in the Palm Beaches!

The Palm Beach Tech Story

Founded by a group of trailblazing technology entrepreneurs and executives in July 2015, Palm Beach Tech has formed into one of the largest regional innovation organizations in Florida.

This original working group set out to identify the problems facing the tech industry in the Palm Beaches.  Their solution was founding the Palm Beach Tech Association, with a 6 page organizational plan outlining its structure, goals, and initiatives.

The working group helping found Palm Beach Tech made up most of our original membership and brought our Founding Board of Directors together.

Founding Board of Directors

Board Members serving at least one year through 2015-2017

Aaron Wormus | Board Member
Alan Murphy Jr. | Chairman
Alyson Seligman | Board Member
AJ Ripin | Committee Chair
Brian Cartland | Ex-Officio Member
Bryan Conklin | Startup Council Chair
Chris Cook | Treasurer
Chris Nielson | Board Member
Clay Williams | Board Member
David Bates | Board Member
Frank Barbato | Board Member

Gabriel Goldstein | Vice Chairman
Gregg Weiss | Board Member
Henry Tavarez | Board Member
Jacqueline Grellinger | Board Member
Jim York | Board Member
Joe Russo | Executive Director
John Studdard | Board Member
Kevin Hutchinson | Board Member
Michael Fowler | Committee Chair
Ryan Boylston | Board Member
Shawn Rowan | Ex-Officio Member


In 1979 Motorola established its pager division headquarters in Boynton Beach making it the world’s wellspring for electronic pagers.


In 1967, IBM opened its 620,000 sq/ft facility in Boca Raton, where they would go on to create the first PC there in 1981.

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On May 28, 1958, Pratt & Whitney opened their 7,000 acre aircraft development lab and engine-testing facility in Palm Beach Gardens

The History of Tech in the Palm Beaches

The following is courtesy of Palm Beach County History Online:

Palm Beach County’s contributions during World War II brought more people to the county, and after the war, technology firms and defense contractors established offices and headquarters here. Firms such as IBM, Pratt-Whitney, and RCA found that Florida’s climate and landscape suited their business. These firms soon became major employers, and communities like Palm Beach Gardens grew up around them.

Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, a division of United Aircraft, arrived first and built a 7,000-acre aircraft development laboratory and engine-testing facility northwest of West Palm Beach.

RCA soon followed, opening a $4 million plant in the new City of Palm Beach Gardens to manufacture circuits for military and commercial use. Although RCA announced its withdrawal from the general-purpose computer business in 1971, the company remained in Palm Beach Gardens until 1986.

Minneapolis-Honeywell (now Honeywell, Inc.) operated a transistor manufacturing plant on Blue Heron Boulevard, Riviera Beach, from 1960 to 1965, when Solitron Devices purchased Honeywell’s plant. In 1993 Solitron moved to West Palm Beach, where it remains today.