Palm Beach Tech AssociationPalm Beach Tech Association



Michael Fowler

VP IT @ Florida Power & Light


David Bates

Shareholder @ Gunster


Rich Viens

CFO @ PeakActivity


Audrey Hammonds

Solutions Professional @ Microsoft

At Large Officer

Adam Steinhoff

CEO @ Dedicated IT

President & CEO

Joe Russo

President & CEO @ Palm Beach Tech

Board Members

Adi Raina

Principal @ Improving

Andy Parry

VP IT @ Office Depot

April Fulton

Director Engineering @ Red Ventures

Cam Collins

President @ DockMaster

Cathy Miron

CEO @ eSilo

Christine Vanderpool

CISO @ Florida Crystals

Cristina Escalante

COO @ The Silver Logic

Frank Barbato

CEO @ Third Wave Technology

John Igoe

Partner @ Locke Lord

Kevin Scott

Head of Technology @ PGA

Khalid Saleem

CDO @ TBC Corporation

Lonnie Maier

Head of Sales @ Crown Castle Fiber

Mihai Fonoage

VP Engineering @ Modernizing Medicine

S Michael Conway

CTO @ Bidtellect

Nicole Darden Ford

CISO @ Carrier

Sarah Lucas

COO @ New World Angels

Sheela VanHoose

Director Government Affairs @

Tyler Frederick

Chief Architect @ 3C Interactive

Ex Officio Members

Shawn Rowan

VP @ Business Development Board

Michael Corbit

Director @ CareerSource

Chris Boniforti

CIO @ Lynn University

Andrew Duffell

President & CEO @ Research Park at FAU

Kimberly Lancaster

Associate Dean @ Palm Beach State College

Antonio Delgado

Dean of Engineering, Technology and Design @ Miami Dade College

Founding Board of Directors

Board Members serving at least one year through 2015-2017

Aaron Wormus | Board Member
Alan Murphy Jr. | Chairman
Alyson Seligman | Board Member
AJ Ripin | Committee Chair
Brian Cartland | Ex-Officio Member
Bryan Conklin | Startup Council Chair
Chris Cook | Treasurer
Chris Nielson | Board Member
Clay Williams | Board Member
David Bates | Board Member
Frank Barbato | Board Member

Gabriel Goldstein | Vice Chairman
Gregg Weiss | Board Member
Henry Tavarez | Board Member
Jacqueline Grellinger | Board Member
Jim York | Board Member
Joe Russo | Executive Director
John Studdard | Board Member
Kevin Hutchinson | Board Member
Michael Fowler | Committee Chair
Ryan Boylston | Board Member
Shawn Rowan | Ex-Officio Member