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Palm Beach County will become a premier technology & innovation hub by 2030


The Mission of Palm Beach Tech is to Build the Palm Beaches into a Tech Hub!

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The Palm Beach Tech Association is a non-profit 501(c)6 membership association uniting and building the software, engineering, digital, and information technology industry verticals throughout Palm Beach County.

As a countywide trade association, Palm Beach Tech promotes industry growth by working with educational institutions, government entities , and business groups to support the goals of member companies. Our core focus is fixed on producing long-term economic impact by attracting new business, supporting startups, and building the talent pool.

With a scope of services that meets the needs of a wide range of industry professionals, from corporate CEO’s to freelancers, we believe in fostering the industry through a unified and holistic approach.

Our Core Initiatives


Work with local education partners to develop the talent pool for local technology companies and startups.


Capitalize on our global reputation to build a brand drawing business, attracting talent, and producing startups.


Build a vibrant community of professionals and executives, while serving as their voice leaders throughout the county.

Our Industry Verticals

Software Development

Information Technology


Digital & Design

The Palm Beach Tech Story

Founded by a group of trailblazing technology entrepreneurs and executives in July 2015, Palm Beach Tech has formed into one of the largest regional innovation organizations in the United States.

This original working group set out to identify the problems facing the tech industry in the Palm Beaches.  Their solution was founding the Palm Beach Tech Association, with just a 6 page organizational plan outlining its structure, goals, and initiatives.

The working group helping found Palm Beach Tech made up most of our original membership and brought our Founding Board of Directors together.

Palm Beach Tech Team

Joe Russo

President & CEO

Nikki Cabus

Vice President of Development

Peyton Rajewski

Digital Specialist

Monica Rojas

Events Specialist

Madison Cuellar

Education Specialist

Nancy Dahlberg

Contributing Writer